Should you worry about kids losing jobs to Smart Robots

Jobs and robotics for kids

As we witness growing automation and the increasing application of artificial intelligence in our daily lives, this idea of intelligent robots taking over the world is no longer limited to the realm of films or fiction. Will robots replace humans in future jobs? A report by consulting firm Mckinsey predicts that over 800 million people […]

Know Advantages of Robots for Working Parents in Childcare

Working parents and Robotics for kids

Dual income or working parents may face some unique difficulties in childcare compared to a situation where at least one parent can attend to the child at all times. In such a situation, is there an advantage of robots in childcare at home? Dual-income parents are likely to be the early adopters of bots in […]

How robot toys for kids foster kid’s cognitive development

Cognitive development and robotics for kids

Children are innately creative, and you should encourage and nurture these talents as parents. One way to do that is to let them play with robot toys for kids. Children, young and old alike, love to play with them. Throughout the early years of one’s life, toys are an essential part. Kids play with them […]

Is It Safe to Give a Flying Robot Drone to Your Kid ?

Flying robot and robotics for kids

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones and flying robots, as they are called, are growing in popularity as they become more affordable and technologically advanced and find wide applications in day-to-day life. Learning about flying robots and autonomous vehicles is also becoming indispensable in practical STEM education for kids. While kids of yesteryears, might have […]

Are Parents Ready to Let Kids ride in a Robot Car?

Robot car and robotics for kids

For many years, we have heard about self-driving robot cars hitting the road. People have dreamed about reclining and relaxing in their robot cars, enjoying a movie while the car takes care of itself and takes you to your destination. Google’s Waymo and car aggregator Uber have been experimenting with driverless prototypes. There is some […]

Why Kids Need Reflective Thinking and How Parents Can Help

Reflective Thinking for STEM education and robotics for kids

Understanding Reflective Thinking Reflective thinking is one of the essential cognitive skills. The ability to reflect and take corrective action is one reason why humanity has progressed so far. It is one of the vital life skills that your kid will need. It is also a skill that they can apply in STEM education and […]

Are Kids More Creative When They Are Happy?

Happy Kids for robotics for kids

  The Right Mindset Humans have the power to think creatively and out of the box, the power that differentiates us from other living organisms. It’s not the preserve of any particular profession either.  The ‘‘Aha moment’’ can fall upon anyone anytime, whether that person is an artist, entrepreneur, or anyone else. The same goes […]

Let your kids make mistakes. It’s good for their brain!

making mistakes and robotics for kids

When it comes to mistakes and failures in kids, as parents, your instinct would be to protect them and ensure they don’t repeat the mistakes again. Some parents offer comfort through words; others offer suggestions to rectify those mistakes. Some of them may get angry at the child. The point is that making mistakes is […]

How Parents Can Develop Achievement Motivation in Kids

Achievement motivation and robotics for kids

What is Achievement Motivation Is your kid motivated enough to carry out STEM education activities such as robotics for kids and coding for kids? Many parents would grapple with this question when their children begin their STEM learning journey. Motivational intensity has a robust relation to a kid’s creativity. Motivation is the driving force behind […]

Observing Ants Can Teach Your Kids About Robotics For Kids

Observing ants for robotics for kids

Mimicking Nature After the bacteria and viruses that remain invisible to the naked eye, ants come in second with a population numbering 100 billion. Ants have colonized all corners of the earth and are a common sight in your house garden or backyard.  Observing ants can be an ideal STEM education activity that can inspire […]