to Code

Interact with PeeCee effortlessly through Plode’s Talk to Code mode, no coding knowledge required – let PeeCee do the work.

No-Code Visual

Empower children to learn programming logic with ease using Plode’s Visual NoCode mode – no coding required, just logic and imagination.

AI Enabled

Unleash your child’s programming potential with Plode’s Al-enabled Scripting Mode – a traditional programming experience for advanced users.


Transform PeeCee’s data into valuable insights with Plode’s powerful data visualization and analysis tools – easily visualize and analyze data in a graphical way.

Learning Community

Kids can get access to an active learning community and explore our playfully crafted curriculum as they have fun coding and playing

Expandable Ecosystem

When children are ready to take things to the next level, they can use PeeCee seamlessly to work with large array of senso modules.

Customizable Skins

Magnetic 3D printable Skin options that allow kids to get creaive and make their PeeCess truly one of a kind.
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