Practice Attention Restoration Theory to Boost Your Kid’s Cognitive Power

Kids undergo much stress and pressure to perform in a competitive world like ours. So, when your kids embark on the STEM education journey and robotics for kids and coding for kids, you want them to be in the best state of mind, free of any stress or anxiety, so creative juices start flowing freely. […]

Let Your Kid Appreciate the Beauty of Mathematics

Your kid could be one among thousands of kids who hate maths. What may surprise you, however, is that the problem may lie not with the kid but with the way Mathematics has been taught in schools all along. Imagine if children were to become naturally interested in Mathematics and enjoy it instead of fearing […]

Why Playful Learning is Effective for Kids

As a parent, understanding how our brain processes information and converts it into long-term memory and knowledge is essential to increase your kid’s brainpower. This knowledge can be used to adopt brain-friendly learning strategies when kids are learning about robotics for kids and coding for kids. The brain gets sensory information from the environment. It […]

How Lighting and Ambience at home can enhance STEM Learning for Kids

As parents, you may be doing all the right things to encourage your child to move forward on the STEM education path and learn robotics for kids and coding for kids. You bought a suitable play kit and the necessary equipment so your child can experiment and learn. Your home lighting is an essential determinant […]

How a Support Network Impacts Your Kid’s Creativity

Creativity remains an elusive term despite many studies conducted on the subject. What is it that sparks new ideas in mind? Some pieces of research have focused on the subject of creativity by looking at it as a function of individuals and their distinct characteristics. However, creativity also depends on the support network or the […]

Why the Gut-Brain Axis is Important for your Kid?

As a parent, one of the things on top of your mind is the food your kids eat. You want to see them in good health. A healthy body is a host for a healthy mind and a pre-requisite for good performance when your kids are getting STEM education, coding for kids and robotics for […]

Importance of Flying Robot In STEM Education. What Parents Should Consider?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or flying robot drones are aircraft that are operated without an onboard pilot. While the initial application of drones was limited to defence and reconnaissance missions for gathering military intelligence or carrying out activities considered too risky for human-crewed missions in earlier times, the scenario has drastically changed due to advancements […]

Nurture These Five Problem Solving Skills For Engineers that Kids Naturally posess

If your kid is getting into STEM education and robotics for kids and coding for kids, then as a parent, you need to nurture a specific set of skills that kids naturally possess. Real-life engineers regularly use these thinking skills to develop solutions to problems. Engineering is applying science and mathematics knowledge to develop solutions […]

Know Advantages of Robots in Learning for Children with Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder is an ailment that affects one in nearly 100 children. Such kids experience learning difficulties primarily due to their inability to focus for extended periods and anxiety in social interactions. Fortunately, robotics has answers to the problems parents of autistic children face. There are many advantages of employing a robot at home […]

A Future with Flying Robot Humanoids for your Kids

Flying humanoids represents a new frontier in robotics and automation. An Italian group of researchers has been conducting experiments to investigate the possibility of creating flying robot humanoids. And, now they have a result to show for their effort. They like to call this field of study Aerial Humanoid Robotics. When your kids grow up […]