Why Kids Need Reflective Thinking and How Parents Can Help

Reflective Thinking for STEM education and robotics for kids

Understanding Reflective Thinking Reflective thinking is one of the essential cognitive skills. The ability to reflect and take corrective action is one reason why humanity has progressed so far. It is one of the vital life skills that your kid will need. It is also a skill that they can apply in STEM education and […]

How Solving Puzzles Can Help Kids in Stem Learning

Solving puzzles for STEM education

When we think of STEM education and activities like coding for kids and robotics for kids, we see it as synonymous with problem-solving and critical thinking. STEM activities are fun and often the result of innovative thinking. Introducing your kids to puzzle solving is an excellent way to initiate them into the exciting world of […]

Why Your Kid Needs Mathematical Confidence and Mental Math

Mathematical confidence for STEM education

Math is Omnipresent Kids fear Math. It’s not an incorrect statement as that’s the general conception. Your kid could be one among those kids. Math is part of STEM education, and its concepts are helpful in coding for kids and robotics for kids. So, love it or hate it, math is essential. It is not […]

Are Kids More Creative Than Adults

Kids creatiivty in STEM education

The Common Belief Are kids creative? If someone were to ask this question, the answer would most likely be yes. And they indeed are. Kids are brimming with curiosity and imagination, trying to make sense of the world around them. And why not? As parents, you want your kids to be creative. Kids can put […]

Don’t let Sitting Harm Your Kid’s Creativity

Sitting and STEM education

Today’s Reality As parents, the health of your kids would be a matter of concern, especially when you think that activities such as coding for kids may make them too inactive. However, it can be a misconception as STEM education, including coding and robotics for kids, can be very playful pursuits too. It was a […]

How Structured Creative Thinking Helps in Robotics for Kids

Structured Creative thinking for robotics for kids

Creativity is usually synonymous with imaginative thinking, exploring new ideas, seeing things differently, etc. The common thread that binds all these concepts is the belief that creativity stems from unfettered freedom, letting your imagination run wild, which would ultimately lead to some creative insight. This same notion is thrust upon children regarding STEM learning and […]

Are Kids More Creative When They Are Happy?

Happy Kids for robotics for kids

The Right Mindset Humans have the power to think creatively and out of the box, the power that differentiates us from other living organisms. It’s not the preserve of any particular profession either. The ‘‘Aha moment’’ can fall upon anyone anytime, whether that person is an artist, entrepreneur, or anyone else. The same goes for […]

4 Steps to make your child fall in love with IoT

Steps to make your child fall in love with Iot and robotics for kids

We live in a fascinating moment in time. Never before in history has there been so much progress in science and technology as we see today. The heterogeneity with which technology branches out into different forks is more interesting to think about than the pace of technological advancement itself. According to the latest Future of […]

Is IIT/JEE Entrance Coaching Enough for Your Kid’s Future?

IIT/JEE entrance coaching for robotics for kids

A lot of parents are concerned about their children taking the IIT/JEE entrance examinations. And, there is nothing wrong in that, because these days, a large volume of students are taking various tests for admission into colleges across the country.  Given the doors a student from a middle class family can open with such an […]

Our Playful Learnings and Why kids need to Play more! 🤖

Kids need to Play More to learn robotics for kids

Why | What | How of Play Computer for the 21st Century Kids! by Sandeep S. – Founder Play Computer   Chapter 1: Curiosity Doesn’t Kill The Cat!    On my 6th birthday, I was gifted with a shiny blue toy gun. All my friends were excited as it was the first one among us. […]