Understanding Deep Thinking & Its Importance in Innovation and STEM Education

The process at the core of creativity and learning is deep learning or deep thought. It goes by many names, including paradigm shift, reframing, and breakthrough thinking. When one thinks deeply, one begins to view things in ways that are vastly different from how they previously did. If your kid can think deeply, then they […]

Know the Complementary Nature of Information and Creativity in STEM Education for Kids

You might ask, what relationship exists between information and creativity? It’s not enough that your kids have the subject knowledge in STEM education, coding for kids, and robotics for kids. They need creativity in addition to domain knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and a favorable learning environment. It is a crucial question since […]

Let your kid develop sleep thinking for STEM education

There’s no denying that sleep is vital for kids’ physical and mental well-being. As a parent, you must ensure they get enough of it for good performance in STEM education, coding for kids and robotics for kids. While lack of sleep can cause ailments such as depression and obesity, adequate sleep promotes enhanced memory, attention, […]

Three Brain C’s for Effective Discipline for Kids for STEM Education

It’s difficult to decide how to discipline your kids. They commit an improper act, which happens far too frequently. You may get angry and they may get irate. Indeed, when your kids are getting into STEM education and coding for kids and robotics for kids, you want them to be disciplined and up to the […]

Parental Role in Therapy to Manage Kid’s Emotions for STEM Education

Parental Role in Therapy to Manage Kid’s Emotions Child behaviour Therapy helps kids experiencing anxiety, fear, grief, or rage. While, in all likelihood, every child will go through these emotions, some kids will have it harder than others. Some kids’ sensations will be too intense to handle on their own. When such kids enter STEM […]

Let Your Kid Wear the Six Thinking Hats for STEM

STEM education can present your kids with different problems requiring different thinking skills to arrive at the solution. If kids can develop these thinking skills, they stand a very high chance of excelling in STEM and related areas such as coding for kids and robotics for kids. In his book, Six Thinking Hats, well-known psychologist, […]

Use Provocation to Boost Your Kid’s Creativity in STEM Education

Usually, new ideas result from a discontinuity – an accident, mistake or temporary madness. They take us beyond the boundaries of reasonableness established by past experiences. Providing kids with an actionable framework for a systematic source for new ideas would create the right learning environment and help them in STEM education, coding for kids, and […]

Let Shinrin Yoku keep your kids in good health and excel in STEM Education

Among a wide range of outdoor STEM activities that you can consider for your kids when they are embarking on STEM education, coding for kids, and robotics for kids is a Japanese practice called Shinrin Yoku. It’s fun and educational and will keep you and teaches kids the importance of good health.  What is It? […]

Tell Your Kids A Story About the History of Robots

When your kids take to learning robotics and engineering, it would be good to tell them about the history of robots as well. It makes for an interesting story and can motivate your child further to delve deeper into the subject. A robot is any machine that can execute a series of tasks by itself […]

Adopt Playful Parenting for a Whole Brain Child

Kids have developing minds. Their malleable minds are being wired and rewired, and as parents, the experience you would give your child will determine the structure of their brains. How much of the brain your kid is utilising will be a factor in your kid’s success when they are into STEM education, coding for kids, […]