Let Your Kid Wear the Six Thinking Hats for STEM

STEM education can present your kids with different problems requiring different thinking skills to arrive at the solution. If kids can develop these thinking skills, they stand a very high chance of excelling in STEM and related areas such as coding for kids and robotics for kids. In his book, Six Thinking Hats, well-known psychologist, […]

Tell Your Kids A Story About the History of Robots

When your kids take to learning robotics and engineering, it would be good to tell them about the history of robots as well. It makes for an interesting story and can motivate your child further to delve deeper into the subject. A robot is any machine that can execute a series of tasks by itself […]

A Future with Flying Robot Humanoids for your Kids

Flying humanoids represents a new frontier in robotics and automation. An Italian group of researchers has been conducting experiments to investigate the possibility of creating flying robot humanoids. And, now they have a result to show for their effort. They like to call this field of study Aerial Humanoid Robotics. When your kids grow up […]

How robot toys for kids foster kid’s cognitive development

Cognitive development and robotics for kids

Children are innately creative, and you should encourage and nurture these talents as parents. One way to do that is to let them play with robot toys for kids. Children, young and old alike, love to play with them. Throughout the early years of one’s life, toys are an essential part. Kids play with them […]

Don’t let Sitting Harm Your Kid’s Creativity

Sitting and STEM education

Today’s Reality As parents, the health of your kids would be a matter of concern, especially when you think that activities such as coding for kids may make them too inactive. However, it can be a misconception as STEM education, including coding and robotics for kids, can be very playful pursuits too. It was a […]