Why | What | How of Play Computer for the 21st Century Kids!

by Sandeep S. – Founder Play Computer


Chapter 1: Curiosity Doesn’t Kill The Cat!

On my 6th birthday, I was gifted with a shiny blue toy gun. All my friends were excited as it was the first one among us. More than the toy gun, its mechanism just fascinated me.

My curiosity and I both had no calm, after a few days I borrowed my dad’s toolbox and got on my playful expedition. Two hours later, my dad walked in on me and noticed that I was fumbling with the different parts of the toy gun, unable to put them back. I had taken it all apart. I was so scared. A couple of angry shoutings later, my dad helped me put it all back together. I deserved all that yelling, but it was worth it. I finally knew how it worked.

Chapter 2: Play-Time = Opportunity To Explore

This wasnt the first time either. I had always been inclined to take things apart just to see the magic behind them. My interest peaked after my dad first took me to the electronics repair shop next door. Since then, I spent most of my playtime hanging out at the shop watching, listening and learning by helping them fix TVs, refrigerators, toasters and coffee machines.

Thirty years later, I can say with confidence that it was these playful experiences that have proved indispensable to making me who I am today. The early exposure that I had experimenting with electronics encouraged me to explore, be creative and be an active problem-solver.

At BiBox Labs, I got the opportunity to interact with thousands of students through our volunteering sessions at various schools across the country. Most of the kids I came across had a keen curiosity to know more but they had fewer opportunities to experiment and practically understand the implications of their ideas.

This was when I realized that I was extremely lucky to have all the factors aligned perfectly; parents who were supportive of my curiosity and let me play and explore different domains, friends with whom I would build things together and the knowledgeable uncle at the electronics shop who, in his own way, mentored me.

Chapter 3: Finding The Right Balance

School Educations focus on grades does not give kids the space to let them play and explore. This had to be changed. In todays world, employability is no longer decided just by grades but by one’s ability to have a problem-solving mindset and to quickly adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. All of this pointed to an obvious gap in the spectrum of tools available to parents and kids to tap into this potential.

Chapter 4: Dont Forget To Play!

This is why my team and I, at Bibox Labs, came up with Play Computer. We firmly believe that learning while playing and making mistakes is the most natural way to pick up concepts that need to be firmly understood. Throughout the development process of Play Computer, we have kept in mind the factors that will help kids gear up for the 21st century.

1. Making Play An Important Part Of Learning

Every heros life is made a lot more fun and efficient with a sidekick, a companion always with them through thick and thin. Play Computer fits into a young innovators life like the last piece of a grand puzzle, nudging them forward to probe deeper while making the journey a fun experience to cherish forever.

2. Help Kids Build A Creator Mind-Set

Kids are naturally curious. Infusing this innate curiosity with the constant practice that they get from continuously experimenting with Play Computer accelerates their creativity. This leads them to exceptionally assess their surroundings, identify problems that exist, and come up with creative solutions that are now made possible for them through the diverse capabilities of Play Computer.

3. Get Kids Comfortable With Emerging Technologies of the 21st Century

At an age where learning is at its easiest, kids absorb things better than a sponge absorbs water. Exposing them to the biggest technological drivers of today and laying a strong foundation in each of these makes them extraordinarily adaptable, which in turn makes them comfortable facing problems that would have otherwise been beyond them. Play Computer is thus, the ideal way to introduce kids to Robotics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Programming.

4. Build Real-World Problem Solutions:

Every innovator has a calling in their life and they all give back to society in one way or another. Some contribute to improving the lifestyles of the ones around them, at home or at school, while others become a part of or start their own firms that change the world. Whatever it be, Play Computer empowers kids to make a difference in the world around them.

5. Community:

Being connected to a bunch of like-minded but unique innovators lets them exchange knowledge on their areas of interest. It also lets them learn by asking for help in their projects and offering it to those who require it. This builds a sense of community where they understand the importance of working together.

Simply put, We believe that PlayComputer has the potential to upskill an entire generations creativity and inspire a maker culture in India and the globe. The soft launch being hardly a couple of weeks away, emotions here are at an all-time high as we fine-tune the little details, tighten the screws and put the software through every test possible so that it is ready to take on any of your wild and crazy ideas.

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Meanwhile, Stay Curious!

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