Empowering Children with STEM Education: Strategies for Independent Learning

Are school days feeling like a snooze-fest? Just because kids are not loving the traditional classroom, doesn’t mean they’re not a STEM-tastic, curious learner at heart! As parents, we have to help them tap into their inner mad scientist and unleash their passion for mastering STEM education, robotics and coding. Even if their grades aren’t […]

Does Your Kid Possess These Paradoxical Traits of Creativity for STEM Education?

Are You Raising a STEM Prodigy? Are you curious if your child has the secret sauce for STEM success? Creativity is a tricky thing to measure, but there are certain paradoxical traits that many successful STEM minds possess. These quirks may seem conflicting, but they’re actually what allows them to excel in their fields. First […]

How You can Help with Social Learning Instructional Models in STEM Education

Adaptive childhood development is characterised by creating and maintaining interpersonal ties with peers. It signifies the importance of social skills and effective communication with peers. Networking and collaboration are essential engineering design traits your kids will need in STEM education, coding for kids and robotics for kids. Children who do not reach this milestone risk […]

Our Playful Learnings and Why kids need to Play more! 🤖

Kids need to Play More to learn robotics for kids

Why | What | How of Play Computer for the 21st Century Kids! by Sandeep S. – Founder Play Computer   Chapter 1: Curiosity Doesn’t Kill The Cat!    On my 6th birthday, I was gifted with a shiny blue toy gun. All my friends were excited as it was the first one among us. […]