4 Steps to make your child fall in love with IoT

Steps to make your child fall in love with Iot and robotics for kids

We live in a fascinating moment in time. Never before in history has there been so much progress in science and technology as we see today. The heterogeneity with which technology branches out into different forks is more interesting to think about than the pace of technological advancement itself. According to the latest Future of […]

Is IIT/JEE Entrance Coaching Enough for Your Kid’s Future?

IIT/JEE entrance coaching for robotics for kids

A lot of parents are concerned about their children taking the IIT/JEE entrance examinations. And, there is nothing wrong in that, because these days, a large volume of students are taking various tests for admission into colleges across the country.  Given the doors a student from a middle class family can open with such an […]

Our Playful Learnings and Why kids need to Play more! 🤖

Kids need to Play More to learn robotics for kids

Why | What | How of Play Computer for the 21st Century Kids! by Sandeep S. – Founder Play Computer   Chapter 1: Curiosity Doesn’t Kill The Cat!    On my 6th birthday, I was gifted with a shiny blue toy gun. All my friends were excited as it was the first one among us. […]