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The companion app of PeeCee to enable kids from beginner to advanced level to code for robotics for kids projects.

Coding is that EAZY!

Plode is every budding programmer’s dream come true. Whether you are someone purely fascinated by the world of code or are adept at solving complex programming problems, Plode has everything you could ask for.

Create buzzers and play with lights by designing simple codes for robotics for kids.

Effortlessly blending together the fun and exciting elements of visual coding with the limitless capabilities of textual coding ensures that everyone is welcome here; from a 6-year old looking for a pair of training wheels to a seasoned coder trying to create the innovation of their dreams.

A holistic approach to coding by combining visual and textual elements of design exacting projects for robotics for kids. image

Our experience in the coding culture has led us to understand that it isn’t the best coding lessons that make a great coder but their ability to form unique perspectives and create innovative solutions.

Thus, coders at every stage require customised training to sharpen their skillsets. Inculcating these philosophies, we developed the 4-tiered Learning Experience

A tiered approach to coding for kids at all levels to enable them design their robotics for kids projects image
Plode - Project Based Programming

Project-Based Approach

If you are looking to just get into coding, our project-based programming focuses on imbibing the critical-thinking skills that are essential for every great coder. This will be a minimalist approach that won’t dwell on the technicalities of electronics, but rather teaches you to select ideal components, assemble them and program them using visual elements.

Plode - Open Flowchart Programming

Open Flowchart Programming

In this level, you will probe a bit deeper into into the technicalities. You will also be equipped to configure the ports as well as program it. Furthermore, you will understand the concepts of open-ended programming and parallel programming.

Plode - Blocked Based & Pure Textual Programming

Block-based Programming

This level utilises the powerhouse that is Scratch. Closely resembling textual programming, you will learn to create programs involving variables and complex mathematical expressions.

Plode - Blocked Based & Pure Textual Programming

Pure Textual Programming

In the final step to becoming a full-fledged coder, all your skills will be honed and sharpened through a detailed and well laid-out course covering the most sought-after languages of today; C and Python.


Plode Wiki

PLODE provides an all-in-one coding & tinkering environment. PLODE wiki has all the information and details related to the PLODE application.

The companion app of PeeCee to enable kids from beginner to advanced level to code for robotics for kids projects.

What's inside

With our power packed features, play computer is all you need to execute any fun project that comes to your mind.

Kids' playful friend for life to create robotics for kids project

The Accessories

Our add ons bring to life infinite possibilities that can keep you amused.

Add-Ons for creation toys for robotics for kids

Learn While Having Fun.
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