5 Day: Play Computer Transformer Workshop

Pee-Cee Transformer Workshop is an experiential workshop designed to help build an instinct to see the world around with innovative lenses and build creative projects around it.

Keeping in mind that kids are naturally curious, this in-person workshop at our HQ will give a guided exposure to a world of possibilities. 5 day’s Transformer workshop encourages building life skills of communication and interaction, developing problem-solving skills, and use of imagination in kids while giving them exposure to the world of Robotics And Artificial Intelligence.

Transformer Workshop is designed with the Play Computer Starter Kit and is full of surprises for the participant over a course of 5 Days where the physical meets the digital world and designs interactive STEM projects in a comfortable environment of guided play.

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Experience the joy
of your kids imagination

It’s Time To Gear Up for the 21st Century

Making Play
An Important
Part Of

Help Kids
Build A

Get Kids Aligned With
Emerging Technologies
like Robotics, A.I,
IoT and Coding

The Future is
Physical And


Making Play An Important Part Of Learning

Help Kids Build A Creator Mind-Set

Get Kids Aligned With Emerging Technologies like Robotics, A.I, IoT and Coding

The Future is Phygital: Physical And Digital

Build Real-World Problem Solutions

Get started with 30 Free Projects
and see them create a thousand more!

Go From Idea To Prototype In Minutes
with The Play Computer Eco-system

Your kids imagine a big idea

They assemble the project with the Play Computer

Using the Plode App they can code and test their project.


Their idea is alive!

Loved By Kids,
Appreciated By Parents

Father of Sristi A for robotics for Kids

Anand Dusi
Father of Sristi A, Grade 8
Senior Technical Program Manager, VISA

This Play Computer will enable kids to explore real world challenges in a playful manner. This helps build a creator mindset from a young age.

Mother of Shamitha for robotics for kids

Anitha S Rao
Mother of Shamitha K B, Grade 7 Asst.Teacher, SJRK Public School

Children learn more when they are actively involved in the process of learning, rather than we imposing it on them. It enhances their cognitive skills and makes learning so interesting

Amith Raj S
Father of Ashutosh B, Std 3
Deputy Manager, TTK Health Care Ltd

Play Computer helps to develop your child's logical reasoning and problem solving.They can use this to make their own toy at home or make a science project for their school. Just go and get a Play Computer.

What's Included

A Kit For Every Curious Mind

Starter Kit

Starter Kit for robotics for kids

What’s Inside

  • Play Computer : x1
  • Plode App : Playful Coding App
  • 30 Free Projects Video Tutorial


  • USB C type cable : x1
  • USB C to Micro Connector : x1
  • Crocodile Clips : x4
  • LED 2C module : x2
  • Button 2C module : x1
  • Mini Servo Motor : x1
  • Copper Wire : x1
  • Switch Module : x1
  • Port cable : x3
  • Battery Power Bank : x1
  • DIY Skins : x3
(2 Superhero’s + 1 Make Your Own Superhero skin)

It's Not Just Play Computer,
Explore More with these Exciting Bonuses

50% off for limited enrollments.
Play computer starter kit worth Rs.2999 included
Lifetime access to free content on Tinker Bunker learning platform
Certificate on Completion of 30 Tutorial Classes
3 Free Skins with the Starter Kit (Includes 1 DIY Skin)
Access to challenger program to win prize money worth a Lakh

50% off for limited enrollments. 

Play computer starter kit worth Rs.2999 included

Lifetime access to free content on Tinker Bunker learning platform

Certificate on Completion of 30 Tutorial Classes

3 Free Skins with the Starter Kit (Includes 1 DIY Skin)

Access to challenger program to win prize money worth a Lakh


Play Computer is a programmable electronic device / microcontroller. Students and hobbyists can learn by doing 1000s of playful STEM experiments with the Play Computer and its collection of accessories.

The Play Computer is for everyone. If you're 8+ years old, you’ll find a playful STEM project that you can do with the Play Computer regardless of your age and expertise.

When it comes to affordability, the Play Computer costs you only as much as a video game or an RC toy car, maybe even less!

Play Computer STEM kits are designed around a philosophy, which says that learning should be playful and engaging, only then education can have sweet roots as well as sweet fruits.

  • Learning STEM can be intimidating at times, Play Computer with its playful projects makes children love STEM.
  • The Play Computer can grow with the student’s imagination. Regardless of your age and expertise, it always has a new project to challenge you with.
  • Experiential learning boosts creativity and problem-solving skills and develops the ideal learner mindset in children.
  • It is so affordable that you don’t need to worry about kids breaking it during the projects.
  • Play Computer Kits comes with project tutorials that cover topics like IoT, AI & Machine Learning, Robotics, etc.

We at Play Computer believe that playing is an important part of a kid’s journey to learning new things.

Thus, we designed the Play Computer around the philosophy which says that learning should be playful and engaging at its core.

STEM is nothing but a cool acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

With STEM learning kids get lessons on solving real life problems with the help of hands-on activities.

The Play Computer ecosystem focuses on playful learning designed to hone the skills for collaboration, communication, research, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Play Computer is designed for kids above the age of 7.

Having said that, PlayComputer is flexible and powerful for a lot of complex projects too.Those who have a better grasp of electronics and programming can pursue complex STEM projects with the Play Computer while the new learners can benefit from the learning ecosystem Play Computer comes with.

The Play Computer comes with a standard 6 days replacement policy which covers all manufacturing defects, rest assured that manufacturing defects appear very rarely.

Always follow the usage guidelines for the Play Computer while doing projects, so that the warranty is not void.

Your queries are always welcome, feel free to reach out to us at help@

The first 100 pre-bookings can avail the offer for free shipping across India. After that shipping charges will be Rs.150.

The Play Computer comes with a wide array of accessories and expansion boards which make up the ever growing PlayComputer accessories ecosystem, some of them are : Rotary Sensor , Gas Sensor, Ultrasonic Range Sensor, Colour Display Modules, Metal Sensor, Magnetic Sensor , Motor control modules and many more

With the help of an Edge connector, the Play Computer capabilities can connect with any micro:bit compatible accessories.

The Play Computer can connect with any of the Arduino accessories board too. Just be careful in matching the voltages of the ports and .

You can program the Play Computer with the Plode App, the playful coding app. The Plode App is a revolutionary software development platform which is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chromebook.

With the Plode App, you only need a smartphone or a laptop to start coding. It incorporates two modes of coding for different levels of expertise,

  1. Visual Coding for the beginnerThere are 3 distinct visual coding modes supported by the Plode App a) Project Based Coding b) Flowchart based c) Block based(scratch).
  2. Textual Coding for the expert The Plode App supports textual coding in Python and C programming languages.

The Plode App is used to program the playcomputer, it's a revolutionary piece of software which includes a multitude of features to help in building any smart physical projects and gadgets.

With the Plode App, you only need a smartphone/tab/laptop along with the PlayComputer to start writing code.

Plode allows for 5 types of coding experience : 3 distinct visual coding modes and 2 textual coding - from beginner to advanced users

It also allows a non coding based Play Mode and has an App mode allowing a set of versatile functions and features to be done.

Yes, you can.
But this is one among the advanced functionalities of the Play Computer which we do not recommend to you at this point.

You can conceptualise and successfully realise literally 1000s of STEM projects with the Play Computer. There are actually no limits.

The two factors that determine the number of projects you can do with the Play Computer.
The accessories you possess and your imagination.

Play Computer can be used to implement 1000s of projects from
  • Automatic lamps to fish feeders
  • Robotic car to an dancing humanoid
  • Smart Stick for the blind to Water Conservation Systems
  • Earthquake Detector to People Counter even to control and automate a drone
The Playcomputer can do it all as long as thats what your imagination triggers and you have the right accessory and logic

Yes absolutely ! You don't need any coding experience to get started.
The plode app and the learning ecosystem is designed for an absolute beginner to start in the world of physical coding while having fun.
The Play Computer is shipped with 30 video lessons that beginners can use without any help. There is also a free support chat and an active mentor ecosystem which you can use to get from a novice to mastering using the Playcomputer.
Beyond this our content team will keep publishing videos often about fun projects you could do with the Playcomputer.
The revolutionary Tap & Build mode featured by the Plode App will help you develop the logic to conceptualise and build computer programs even without knowing any programming language.

Tinker Bunker is an online learning community where STEM learners can come together and share their resources and ideas on learning with the Play Computer.

All the 30 video lessons that are shipped with the Play Computer are also available on Tinker Bunker.

Apart from that, collaborative learning can open a whole new learning experience where the power of hundreds of minds focus on a single problem and come up with the best solution possible.

You can get all your doubts cleared here and also get new ideas and discuss ideas with Mentors and other Students in TinkerBunker

Also Tinker Bunker provides certification for the courses successfully completed by the students.


BiBox Labs, No. 29, Beratena Agrahara, Next to Play Factory, Hosur Main Road, Electronic City Post, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka, India

Play Computer Transformer Workshop

For Age : 9 - 12 Years

4th - 8th May : 11 AM - 12:30 PM

Rs.5999 2999 inclusive of taxes

50% Off For Limited Enrollments

50% Off For Limited Enrollments
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