Unearth the Value of Intuition and Trial & Error in STEM Education

When your kids opt for STEM education, what can differentiate your kids from the rest is the perspective they apply to find solutions to STEM problems. While some kids will apply an analytical framework to solve problems, others might have an idealistic approach in which they solve issues from a set of principles and values […]

Why the Art of Tinkering is Essential for Your Kid’s STEM Education

Recall your earliest memories of making or inventing something to solve a problem. What did you do? To make paper aircraft fly farther, did you fold and refold them? Tried to reassemble an old toy after taking it apart? These tasks constitute tinkering, an activity your kid would be engaged in when they start their […]

Boost Your Kid’s Prospects in STEM Education with Practical Intelligence

In addition to expertise in the STEM field subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, your kid also needs a load of practical intelligence to get ahead on the path of STEM education, coding for kids and robotics for kids. Practical intelligence, which is commonly known as street smarts or common sense, is highly appreciated […]

Why Robotics is the “In-Thing” for STEM Education in Schools

Wouldn’t it be great if your kid’s school was something like a shape-shifting creature that evolves and adapts to the changing situation to deliver the best for your child? For too long, primary education has been criticised for being stagnant and lacking relevance, a far cry from the skills the 21st century demands. But you […]

Is Your Kid Engaging in a Good Maker Project for STEM Education?

Your kids need something more than just an education that focuses on rote learning facts and reproducing them through memory during an exam. They need, what’s known as project-based learning which combines fundamental skills such as reading, writing and math with contemporary talents such as teamwork, problem-solving, researching and analysing information. Such an approach is […]

What it means to be Logic Smart for STEM Education?

Are your kids Logic Smart? If yes, it’s good news for their STEM education, and they will ace robotics for kids and coding for kids. When kids are Logic Smart, they have little trouble understanding math and number ideas, love spotting patterns, and comprehending cause and effect in science with ease. They can take pleasure […]

Discover the Power Of Observation in STEM Education

The majority of innovators are keen observers. They keep a close eye on the world around them. Your kids need to develop a heightened awareness by observing what functions and what doesn’t on their way to becoming innovators through STEM education, coding for kids and robotics for kids. They might also notice that someone in […]

Do Your Kids Possess These Traits for STEM Education?

When you hear the word experiment, like most people, you may imagine scientists in white coats conducting experiments in a lab or famous inventors like Thomas Edison. However, that’s a limited way of thinking about experiments. Innovating and experimenting also include trying out new experiences and disassembling products and processes in the quest for further […]

Spice up STEM Learning at Home with Fun

Textbooks and workbooks can only go so far in getting your kids interested in STEM education. Of course, they are essential to excel in the STEM field. But they have their limits. As a parent, you have all the right to desire something better than a dry learning environment for your kids that’s often dominated […]

How You Can Unlock the Potential of the Adolescent Mind for STEM Education

Your kids’ developing brain experiences many changes as they approach adolescence. These changes spur the brain on the creative path for developing innovative ideas. With a proper understanding of the changes and the right learning environment, you can put your kid on the right path to STEM education, robotics for kids and coding for kids. […]