Create Your First Project


Create your First Project

Using Play Computer as Wake up Alarm:

Welcome to your first project with Play Computer. Here we will make our Play Computer to act as a Wake up Alarm. The Play Computer will make the sound at the fixed time and can be stopped by tapping on the touchpad.
Apparatus Required
  • Play Computer
  • Smart Phone
  • Power Bank
  • USB-C wire
Follow the steps to achieve your goal.
1. Connect your play computer with the power bank and keep it close to your smartphone. And open PLODE app on your smartphone.
2. As you open the PLODE app, you have to tap on Play Computer and you will be directed to the section where the PLODE app will scan for your Play Computer and connect with your smartphone automatically.
3. Once the Play Computer is connected to the Plode App, it will direct to the MODES section.
Select ‘Code’ and then the Code section will appear.
4. Select ‘Project Based’ programming. After that select ‘New project’. You can also do the project using ‘Flowchart Based’ or ‘Block Based’ programming.
5. Next in the select section, select ‘TouchPad 0’ from the input table and ‘Beeper’ from the output table. Beeper is selected for the Alarm, and TouchPad is selected to turn the alarm off.
6. Since we are not using any extended devices, Skip the next 2 sections till the ‘Code’ Section appears.
7. The Code screen appears like the one shown below.
8. Tap on ‘Tap’ hexagon and select the ‘Decision’ hexagon.
9. Next tap on the Decision hexagon and select time value, ‘=’ equals to and set the hours at 18 and minutes at 30 as shown below.
10. Now again tap on the ‘Tap’ hexagon and select ‘Action’ hexagon.
11. Next tap on the ‘Action’ hexagon and a section will appear as shown below, here we have to select ‘beeper’ and activate it and set its frequency intensity to ‘2000’ by moving the slider bar. (You can set the frequency intensity values as per your wish)
12. Next, we will again tap on the ‘Tap’ hexagon and select ‘End Decision’ hexagon.
13. Again tap on the ‘Tap’ hexagon and select ‘Decision’ hexagon.
14. Next tap on the ‘Decision’ hexagon and select ‘TOUCH PAD0’ value on the top and select ‘<’ less than for intensity value and set the intensity value to ‘100’ by sliding the bar.
15. Next again tap on the ‘Tap’ hexagon and select ‘Action’ hexagon.
16. Tap on the ‘Action’ hexagon and select the ‘Beeper’ and set its intensity to ‘0’.
17. Next, tap on the ‘Tap’ hexagon and select ‘End Decision’.
18. Tap on the ‘Tap’ hexagon and select ‘Stop’ to end the program.
19. Tap on the ‘Stop’ hexagon and select ‘loop’ to loop the program.
20. Upload the program to the Play Computer. The play computer will respond with a beep sound once it is uploaded. And here you go! Play Computer is all set and ready to wake you up at 6:30 pm.
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