App Mode


App Mode :

The ‘App mode’ mainly enables app based interactivity where you can use the Phone’s Camera, Mic, Media and Texts. Once you enter into the App Mode, you will be headed to the Enable Section.

1. Enable:

In ‘Enable’ section you have options for Selecting ‘Camera’, ‘Mic’ and ‘Play Computer’ as per the requirement of your project.

Camera : On enabling ‘Camera’, your smartphone’s camera will be used to capture media.
Mic : On enabling ‘Mic’, your smartphone’s microphone will be used to recognize speech.
PC : On enabling ‘PC’, will let the App Mode communicate with your Play Computer.
You can enable any one category or you can enable a combination of ‘camera’, ‘mic’, and ‘PC’ all together as per the need of your project
After we proceed, we will be directed to the ‘Recognition’, Categories

‘Face’ is used for Face Recognition, enabling it will direct you to the train section, where you have to capture image of a face for recognition, and save it with a name for future reference.
Note : For iOS users, it will capture multiple images around 20 for better recognition.

‘Emotion’ is used for emotion recognition. When you enable ’emotion’ it will lead you to the list of predefined emotions available from where you can select any emotion and set action conditions accordingly. Various emotions that can be detected in ‘Emotion’ category are Surprise, Fear, Angry, Neutral, Sad, Disgust & Happy.

‘Object’ is used for object recognition. It has a predefined list of objects available, from where you can select and set action conditions accordingly on recognition of any pre selected object. Various objects that can be detected using ‘Object’ Category are Person, Bicycle, Car, Traffic Light, Fire Hydrant, Cat, Dog, Kite and several others.

2. Control:

Inside the ‘Control’ section we have ‘if’ and ‘ACTION’ Statements.

In ‘if’ statement you can select the conditions like ‘face detected’, ’emotions’, ‘objects’, ‘Pc received data’, and ‘Pc sent data’. Here, ‘Pc received data’ refers to the input data received by the Play Computer that will be sent to the Application to display an output & ‘Pc sent data’ refers to when the app will send input data to the Play Computer to display an output.

And in ‘ACTION’ statement you can set what action should be taken, based on the data received. Here, we have options to display a custom Media, Text, where we can also select the font size or set Actions on Play Computer.
We can also add multiple ‘if’ and ‘Action’ satements/conditions by tapping on the button.

3. Run:

In ‘Run’ section as per the inputs and ‘ACTION’ conditions that we have set, the resultant output is displayed.
Here, we also have a tab with ‘Value’ parameter. We can rename and use it for multiple purposes. For example, we can display the count/score in a project where we are counting some value using the PC receiver channel and the sensors of our Play Computer.

Can you use it to track the score in a basket ball game ? Try out more fun and innovative projects with App mode!
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