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Details of the Latest version of PLODE Application


Details of the Latest version of PLODE Application



Learning to Code has always been challenging and important to advance in the digital world. Do you think you are too young to learn coding? It’s just a myth, as there are no boundaries for learning and creating innovative programs. With all the things in consideration, PLODE Application was developed to build a creative, playful, fun and interactive platform where students can learn and build their own innovative projects, by achieving a clear idea about the basic fundamentals of coding. PLODE application has various utilities that help to push the boundaries of fun and innovation.


PLODE ecosystem is designed for seamless cooperation with users. PLODE is an all in one coding & tinkering environment which provides effortless and par excellence features to your kid with which they can create the machines of future. PLODE is not only an App but it is an integrated development environment over which sits the fun remote control front-end, unique hexagonal coding blocks, flowchart based coding, block based coding & matchless python and C scripters. While peripheral modes such as Play, Learn, and App mode, integrate complementarity into the ecosystem, with products such as Play Computer which provides a playful approach to innovations. PLODE Application can connect with the Play Computer and our vast collection of add-ons, accessories and sensors makes Play Computer even smarter.

Future plans

PLODE is an independent platform ,with boundless ability to extend its functionalities. The flexibility and capability to connect and integrate with additional devices in its ecosystem, PLODE will extend its potential and update with new features for effective learning and innovation.

Versions :

Operating Platform β-Version Release Date
Website (Windows /Linux /macOS) 0.1.11 27-06-22
Android 0.1.11 09-05-22
iOS 0.1.11 22-03-22
PLODE Software for Windows 0.1.11 01-06-22
NOTE : The PLODE version must be same as the Firmware Update Tool version to avoid any bugs in the functioning.

Platform Support :

The PLODE Application is available for both Computer and Smartphone.

For Computer, it’s available on Windows, Linux & macOS:

Web Browser:
We can access the PLODE directly from using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. Soon the PLODE will be compatible for all the browsers.
Software : 
We have PLODE software for Windows, which you can download from here and work offline.
Required Windows OS: Windows 8 and above.

For Smart Phone, it’s available on Android & iOS:

For Android operating devices, the PLODE app is available in the Play Store.
Required OS: Android 5.0 and Above.
For iOS operating devices, the PLODE app is available in the App Store.
Required OS: iOS 11.0 or later.

Connecting Play Computer with PLODE:

For Windows / Linux / mac OS:

1. Connect the Play Computer using the USB-C cable and plug it into a USB port of your device.
2. After the Play Computer is turned on, visit using the latest Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge browser and you will see a screen as shown below. Sign up, if you are a new user or login using your Google Account. Other sign up options will be available soon!
3. After Signing in, it will direct us to the page where we can select the Play Computer by clicking on it.
4. Next we will be directed to the Play Computer Scan page where we have to click on ‘Scan Device’ and it will auto detect the port connected. After clicking on ‘Scan Device’, a new window pops up, from where we can select and connect to our Play Computer.
5. Now the Play Computer is connected, we will be directed to the Modes.

For Android / iOS:

  • Download the PLODE App from here.
  • Connect the Play Computer with the power bank.
  • Open the PLODE App on your Smartphone and you will see a screen appearing as shown below where we have to select PLAY COMPUTER.
NOTE Next, make sure the Bluetooth and Location permission is enabled in your Smartphone to connect with the Play Computer.
  • The Play Computer will be automatically connected to your Smartphone via bluetooth. Keep your Smartphone and Play Computer closer during the process to avoid failure in connection.
  • Once the Play Computer is connected, it will direct to the Modes.
Here you go! Buckle up and start the adventure with PlayComputer


The PLODE application has been designed with a variety of features to cater to the needs of our users. Here, we have four modes.


Play is a pre-programed mode with different sub-functions to provide better understanding of the PlayComputer components and their uses. There are four types of functions inside Play mode, and each mode has their own applications.

1. Remote Section:

In the Remote Section, we can see and check the functions and working of the PlayComputer. Here we have some fun interactive functions like ‘talk back’ where the Play Computer mimics and play tones, ‘Disco’ where the Play Computer lights up the LEDs and RGBs, also we can enable gesture control and show some gestures to see the Play Computer respond.

2. Speech Section:

In speech section you can enable the mic and interact with the Play Computer, it will impersonate and mimic according to your commands enabling a fun filled interactive experience.

3. Music Section:

In the music section, the Play Computer will play piano tunes when we tap on the Piano keys.
In addition to this, by turning ON the ‘touch pad’, you can hear Piano sounds from your device by tapping on the touchpads of the Play Computer.

4. Camera Section:

In the Camera section, PLODE will detect the orientation of your face. In addition to that, the Play Computer will respond like, when you turn your face to the left, the play computer will light the RGB of left eye and the left smile LEDs, or when you turn your face up, the Play Computer will light the RGB of both the eyes. For more fun turn your face in other directions to see how the Play Computer responds.


Learn mode helps you to clarify and overcome your doubts and confusion. It will enable you to have a better understanding of the functions of Play Computer with PLODE and create interesting projects.

Learn Mode will lead you to the 30+ Play Computer Projects with PLODE in

TinkerBunker is a product of the idea to find the innovator in you, a place to explore and learn. You can choose from 10,000 hours of courses and lessons enriched with fun facts, quizzes and interactive videos to stir up your mind.


Code Mode serves as the platform to expand the applications of Play Computer and make it more interesting. In the previous modes, we were only able to perform some pre-programmed functions through Play Computer. In Code Mode, you have the flexibility to create your own projects with the help of basic and advanced levels of coding, for instance if you want to make your Play Computer into an alarm which turns ON when the sunlight hits it, you can make it happen with the help of Code Mode. In PLODE there are two ways to create a program.

Visual Programming

A visual programming language is a computer program that helps to develop projects using graphical components, text, symbols, figures and icons inside its programming environment. It enables developers to explain the process without a traditional text-based computer language that forces the developer to think like a machine. Visual Programming offers three different ways for coding.
Project Based Project Based involves coding in a hexagonal platform. A simple and fun way to learn coding. From creating a simple program to a very complex program, hexagonal coding acts as the easiest and most effective method providing you the opportunity to understand and grasp the concepts of each step in the program. Learn More
Flowchart-based Flow chart is the graphical demonstration and diagramatic representation of an algorithm. Flow chart language is a simple imperative programming language designed for the purposes of explaining fundamental concepts of program analysis and specialization which helps you to understand the flow of the program. Learn More
Block-based Block-based coding is a form of programming language where the developer issues instructions by dragging and dropping blocks where each block contains real code. It promotes computational thinking and problem solving skills; creative teaching and learning along with self-expression and collaboration. Learn More

Script Programming:

Script Programming enables the intellectual ninja in you to write your own codes and prepare projects using C and Python languages.
C is a powerful programming language used for developing operating systems, databases, compilers and many more. Using C to create projects presents many real-world challenges that actually help students to learn how to solve problems and will keep you a step ahead as a coder.
Using Python in PLODE will help you to create and execute complex projects and help you to upskill your critical thinking. By using a text-based programming language like python, one can create apps, work on complex problems. It is one among the most used and fast-growing programming languages in the world.

App Mode:

The app mode enables App based interactivity where you can use your Smartphone’s Camera, Mic, Media and Texts along with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Voice Recognition, Bluetooth Communication modes to build different projects. Learn More

Creating Your 1st Project:

Now that you know about the functionality of the PLODE app, and also how to connect it with the Play Computer. Let’s see how you can create a project with your play computer.

Using Play Computer as Wake up Alarm

There are a wide variety of PlayComputer project courses available in the tinkerbunker website. Click here to check them out. Register yourself and start exploring the ideas, also earn free tinker coins on completion of the course.

Review and Feedback Forum:

How was your PLODE experience? This is the Beta version of the PLODE application, we would love to seek your feedback.

If you have faced some issues please give your feedback by clicking on the button below, your reviews help us to improve and upgrade.
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