Small is Powerful

With our power packed features, play computer is all you need to execute any fun project that comes to your mind.

Multiple features wrapped in pocket size to create robotics for kids toys

This is What Makes Me Fun!

See what features makes PeeCee exciting for robotics for kids
Dual Core Processor - Play Computer

The Power of Two!

Our dual core processor ensures that you have adequate processing capability for all the demands that your creative project comes up with.


Wifi, Bluetooth, USB Connectivity - Play Computer

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth& USB Connectivity

The choice of connectivity gives you the power to interact with your PC or your mobile or any other Iot Devices.


Sensors Icon - Play Computer

6 On-Board Sensors for Interactive Sensing

Your play computer can perceive the world around it and interact with it using its 6 on-board sensors making it the most fun gadget to learn and play with.


Customizable Expressions - Play Computer

Customizable Expressions

4 White LEDs + 2 RGB LEDs + Buzzer. Make your play computer wink, blink, smile and talk in its own ninja language and make your projects lively.


Plug & Play Port - Play Computer

Hassle Free Plug & Play Ports

Quickly and easily connect accessories like motors or additional sensors and infinitely expand your play computers capabilities giving you loads of fun.


Colourful Sleeve Icon

Colorful Sleeve

A plastic sleeve that protects the electronics and also allows you to integrate your play computer with LEGO blocks, just in case you want to get more creative.



Hardware Wiki

Hardware Wiki has all the information about The Play Computer and its components that makes it more fun.

Find out about the components for PeeCee to create robotics for kids projects

The Plode app

A first of its kind coding platform engineered for kids encompassing best practices to simplify the making experience.

The companion app of PeeCee to enable kids from beginner to advanced level to code for robotics for kids projects.

The Accessories

Our add ons bring to life infinite possibilities that can keep you amused.

Add-Ons for creation toys for robotics for kids

We Added A Sneaky Feature Too.
Pre Own Yours To Find Out!

A secret feature under the hood for you to explore. Hint: It adds ninja mobility to your play computer

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