The Future is here, take a look. It’s the Metaverse!

Metaverse – a buzzing trend word today, is more than just a fad. It is here and will significantly impact the way we lead our lives in the future. Metaverse represents an increasing integration of the real and the virtual, and blurring boundaries at various levels – physical, geographical and cultural. A technology-driven world symbolized […]

Makers in Making. All Hail the Next Gen Innovator Kids for STEM Education

Making is integral to STEM education—what better application for STEM than building innovations that solve global problems? Teaching Making is not about just imparting knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It’s about giving a more significant life purpose to kids. Therefore, it’s essential to teach them the practice of making, robotics for kids and […]

Future-proof your kids, make them problem solvers using STEM Education

Solving problems is a vital part of STEM Education strategy. It’s better to see problems as opportunities rather than issues. This gives your kids a chance to apply critical thinking to find solutions. When kids engage in problem-solving in STEM field, coding for kids and robotics for kids, they would need to construct the problem […]

Importance of Stepping Back and Asking Why in STEM Education

As kids engage in problem-solving in STEM education, they will encounter different problems requiring different approaches. Expertise is helpful at certain moments but less so at others; at one point, free, wide-open divergent thinking is essential, while discipline and focus are required at another. As kids enrol for robotics for kids and coding for kids, […]

Give Your Kid The Power of Enquiry for STEM Education

For many leading innovators and creative minds, their most significant achievements could be linked to a question (or a set of questions) they had formulated and subsequently responded to. These questions are responsible for their ground-breaking discoveries, burgeoning start-up businesses, and the innovative fixes to vexing problems they had discovered. The power to question would […]

Teach Your Kid Creative Visualization for STEM Education & Career

The key to success in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is creativity. It is a STEM virtue. STEM education, especially robotics for kids and coding for kids, requires kids to apply problem-solving and experimenting skills to develop prototypes that will solve a problem Doing this requires applying imagination on the part […]

Importance of Critical Thinking for your Kid in STEM Education

STEM education goes beyond simply passing tests and fosters higher-order thinking abilities by tying classroom instruction to real-world experiences. Regardless of individual hobbies or professional objectives, STEM promotes cooperation, communication, investigation, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity—skills that students need to excel in robotics for kids and coding for kids to succeed in today’s world. In […]

Understanding Brainstorming to Generate Creative Ideas for STEM Education for Kids

There is a high correlation between brainstorming effectiveness and subject knowledge. Since brainstorming is a technique to spawn new ideas and for producing concepts, explanations, and solutions. It’s a technique your kids need to know when they are getting into STEM education, coding for kids, and robotics for kids. Brainstorming is using the mind to […]

Understanding Deep Thinking & Its Importance in Innovation and STEM Education

The process at the core of creativity and learning is deep learning or deep thought. It goes by many names, including paradigm shift, reframing, and breakthrough thinking. When one thinks deeply, one begins to view things in ways that are vastly different from how they previously did. If your kid can think deeply, then they […]

Know the Complementary Nature of Information and Creativity in STEM Education for Kids

You might ask, what relationship exists between information and creativity? It’s not enough that your kids have the subject knowledge in STEM education, coding for kids, and robotics for kids. They need creativity in addition to domain knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and a favorable learning environment. It is a crucial question since […]